How To Fix Xigncode Error On Fifa Online 4


The version of FIFA Online 4 Closed beta has officially launched for users lớn experience first. However, many people reflected in the process of installing and playing beta of FIFA Online 4 Closed with quite a lot of errors.quý khách sẽ xem: Xigncode system enter error

On March 22, FIFA Online 4 officially opened Closed beta server so that players can download games and experience before the top matches. We can download through 2 methods that are via Garemãng cầu PC software và get the key to lớn join the game experience program, or tải về on the homepage of FIFA Online 4.

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However, there are quite a few gamers that reflect the error status during the game installation via Garena or start the game with problems. If so, you can refer lớn how to fix some comtháng errors on FIFA Online 4 Closed beta in the article below.

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Instructions khổng lồ fix FIFA Online 4 Closed beta

1. Error Xigncode system enter error

This error has appeared on FIFA Online 3 & now FO4. When the user runs the game, this message will appear along with the error code e0010001. When installing the game, Xigncode will conduct a system check khổng lồ see if your device is qualified to lớn install the game, safe enough lớn install the game or not. If you have enabled antivirus programs khổng lồ check your computer và then restart the game, but still have this error, you can refer lớn how to lớn fix it in the article below.

How khổng lồ fix Xigncode error on FIFA Online 4


2. Error starting the game

After downloading and conducting a successful game installation, the player receives a failed Startup message (CREATE_PROC) . How to lớn fix this error is very simple.

Step 1:

You open Garena software on your computer và then clichồng on the gear icon .



Step 2:

Next click on the FIFA Online 4 Closed beta game to lớn open the main interface of the game on Garemãng cầu. Looking down at the bottom left corner of the screen, click on the wrench icon .


Then clichồng on the Edit button so that Garemãng cầu will kiểm tra the game and correct the game display errors. This repair process will be relatively long, so please try khổng lồ wait.


3. Direct X Error 11

If an error occurs with Direct X 11, you can uninstall Direct X 11 and then reinstall it. Direct X 12 can be installed.

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4. Computer configuration error

When the player sees the GFx message as shown below, the computer does not have enough system configuration khổng lồ run the game.

Or with the error of FIFA Online 4 boot message as shown below, it is also because the error from the system configuration is not enough to run the gamre.

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In general this is a kiểm tra version, so there are many errors that occur when you install FIFA Online 4 Closed beta. Please try khổng lồ overcome the above sầu methods to lớn be able to lớn install và experience this successful version of FIFA Online 4 Closed beta.

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