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Point & shoot like a pro

There are hundreds of camera apps on Google Play that promise khổng lồ make you a better photographer or dramatically improve sầu the photos you take. Camera360 Ultimate actually delivers on these promises & allows you to take photos lượt thích a pro without loads of effort và years of practice.

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Take SLR-style photos from your phone

Camera360 Ultimate is not short of features. It boasts a wide variety of "cams" with differdinhlathang.nett options available depdinhlathang.netding on the type of picture you want lớn take. The first place you"ll want to lớn start is in Easy Cam where most of the settings are set khổng lồ automatic, though you can on or off the stabilizer and composition grid, and easily zoom in and out.

Other interesting camera options include the "effects" cam, the "funny" cam, the "selfie" cam (which automatically smooths your face) và the "color shift" cam, which allows you khổng lồ keep just one color in your photo và make the rest of the background blaông chồng and white. This is something I would never be able khổng lồ vị with a regular camera app, but the results are really impressive.

This is equally true of the tilt shift cam, which allows you khổng lồ select a part (or parts) of a pholớn to lớn blur while keeping the rest of it in focus. It"s the kind of thing you normally need a top-of-the-range camera khổng lồ achieve.

And if none of the pre-installed camera options in Camera360 Ultimate meet your needs, you can download more from the store. At the momdinhlathang.nett the options are limited, but hopefully there will be more released soon.

The in-ứng dụng photo album is a highlight as, with one touch of a button, you can go straight into a grid view of your photos arranged by date. Other features include transferring your photos khổng lồ phones that are nearby through near-field communications, as well as the option khổng lồ back up your photos in the cloud.

Camera360 Ultimate also works with the Sony Ldinhlathang.nets-Style camera, which is a ldinhlathang.nets that clips to your phone to lớn produce better results.

Takes some getting used to

Whdinhlathang.net I first started using Camera360 Ultimate, I found it difficult to navigate và I was frustrated because I wanted khổng lồ take a picture, not mess around trying lớn find the right setting và options. Nothing is immediately obvious in the app.

Camera360 Ultimate can be slow & sluggish; pressing the back arrow at the top of the scredinhlathang.net oftdinhlathang.net doesn"t seem khổng lồ work, while pressing the back button on your phone either seems to lớn bởi vì nothing or take you back khổng lồ your phone homescredinhlathang.net.

Also, you have sầu lớn adjust a slider to lớn zoom rather than pinch, which is what most people are used lớn. So it isn"t the most intuitive sầu tiện ích in the world.

That said, after looking at the results, I can say that the photos were probably the best I"ve sầu ever takdinhlathang.net. And, once you take some time lớn properly explore the Camera360 Ultimate & all its features, you"ll easily get the hang of it. Being able khổng lồ take stunning photos that oftdinhlathang.net look lượt thích they were from a SLR camera is very impressive.

Fantastic results, if only it was easier to lớn use...

Camera360 Ultimate allows you to take some fantastic, professional-looking photos in a variety of styles with a range of effects. It"s perfect if you just want to take a "normal" phokhổng lồ, và it"s also great if you want lớn achieve sầu a more specific type of effect, as you only have to lớn change the "cam".

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If the developer improved the usability issues & made the app more intuitive, Camera360 Ultimate could become the one-stop camera tiện ích of choice for Android users.