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Idk about you, but for weeks I've been trying to lớn get on the Reality TV Games site, (The entire Next Top model around the world forum) và it doesn't load anymore! All I get is a buffer on my tab & in a few minutes it says the connections gone. Is this just a huge bug that's gonna be fixed? Is it gone entirely? I LOVE this site, và I would hate for it khổng lồ be all gone. Https://


I hope it's resolved soon because that is the only place where original links to BNTM episodes are posted. All of the links of the last 2-3 seasons of BNTM that we can find on Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. Only exist because one of the RTVGames users posts original captures of episodes to the BNTM forum. I worry that if the site doesn't come back up soon, the poster will feel discouraged & we won't get khổng lồ see the rest of Cycle 12.

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The girls just left for their overseas destination (Bangkok) và the preview shows that they're traveling to lớn go-sees in tuk tuks a la Jade in Cyle 6, and I just want khổng lồ watch already! I can't wait much longer before I spoil myself on the most recent photos & elimination.

I have been having the same issue and wasn't sure if I was the only one! Hopefully it gets resolved soon especially with cycle 24 premiering soon.

Xem thêm: Game Các Nàng Công Chúa Disney Hóa Trang Thành Những Nhân Vật Phản Diện Trong Lễ Hội Halloween needs to get their shit together & start searching for spoilers themselves.

I found 2 official cast members already. And i barely know how khổng lồ be a nancy drew