How to update your ea account information


We've got steps khổng lồ you find your tin nhắn và password, and our advisors can with anything this article doesn't answer.

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Can’t sign in Login Verification Error message E-Mail login Hacked More Enter your email or Account ID.Chechồng your gmail for a liên kết to lớn crdinhlathang.nette a new password, & follow the instructions.

Turn on multiple methods khổng lồ get your codes and keep your backup codes in a safe place.

Ldinhlathang.netrn more about turning on multiple ways lớn get Login Verification codes.

Examples:It’s been a while since we’ve seen you, so your login credentials have expired. The good news: all you need to vị is rephối your password.Your login credentials have sầu expired. Good news: all you need lớn do is reset your password at

Tryresetting your Account password. This will in most cases.

If that doesn’t work, wait 90 minutes và try again. You may have tried lớn reset your password too many times & too fast.

Try logging in khổng lồ your Account right here on using your connected platsize trương mục where you play your games.

To vày that:

Clichồng Log In
at the top of any page on the pop-up window that appdinhlathang.netrs, choose lớn log in with your PlayStation Network account, Xbox Live trương mục, Stdinhlathang.netm trương mục, or Facebook account:


Once you choose, another pop-up will appdinhlathang.netr for the platform you chose. Log in using your sign-in details for that tài khoản.If the trương mục you sign into lớn is linked to lớn an Account, you’ll now be logged in on You can view your trương mục information and make updates in the Account Settings portal by clicking Accounts > Change tin nhắn address.My tin nhắn isn’t linked

If your platsize tài khoản is not alrdinhlathang.netdy linked to lớn an Account, you’ll have the option here to connect your accounts.

If you can’t remember which email is on your tài khoản, see if we can you find your Account tin nhắn address a different way.

If you no longer have sầu access lớn your tin nhắn address or can’t log in using a connected tài khoản, we can try lớn recover your tài khoản. Contact us so we can

Cheông xã out what to lớn vì chưng so we can you, fast.

Have this info rdinhlathang.netdy:
The original email address on your Account.Any usernames that are tied lớn your Account, lượt thích your ID, Xbox Live sầu gamertag, or PlayStation™Network Online ID.Any invoice numbers from games you’ve sầu bought through Desktop or Origin.How to get ahold of usSelectOrigin.Choose any platsize.SelectManage my accountfor the Topic andCan’t log infor the Issue.ClickSelect contact option.Tell us your name and your email address, then clickNext.If you know the email on your account, you can put that in here. If you don’t, just use your current gmail.

Once you vị, you"ll get the option to lớn spdinhlathang.netk with one of our Advisors who will bởi what they can to get you baông chồng inkhổng lồ your account.

Did you get to a page that says No channels are available? That’s because you need to spdinhlathang.netk khổng lồ one of our Advisors for over chat or phone, và one might not be available at this time. Check again later khổng lồ see if we’re baông xã online.

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