Important cảnh báo : Garemãng cầu Shells Code (Malaysia) sold by SEA Gamer Mall is a region locked sản phẩm. It"s only valid for Garemãng cầu tài khoản registered in the region of MALAYSIA. All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE và NON-RETURNABLE.

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About Garena Shells (MY)

Garemãng cầu is a digital services platsize that engages in gaming & eSports. Garemãng cầu allows gamers throughout the world to connects by providing support & maintenance for the Garemãng cầu Games, and also promoting Garena Shells (MY). One of the many services includes a social platform for individuals lớn meet, chat, & play games with each other. Garemãng cầu has seen extraordinary growth, rapidly becoming the leading platkhung provider for digital services over Southeast Asia, Taiwan, & Hong Kong.

What is Garena Shells (MY)?

Garemãng cầu Shells is the online currency of the Garemãng cầu gaming platsize và Garena operated games. Garemãng cầu users can use their Garena Shells lớn purchase in-game items, products, & services for Garena hotline of Duty, League of Legends, FIFA 3 Online PC, Heroes of Newerth, FIFA 3 Online Mobile, Free Fire, Garemãng cầu AOV – Arena of Valor, Contra: Return, Speed Drifter và many more.

Why buy Garemãng cầu Shells (MY) on

Once you choose the amount that you want & complete your transaction, our team will immediately process your order. It is fast, and once you receive it, you will be able to lớn use it immediately.

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It’s also really convenient. You bởi vì not have lớn leave sầu your house khổng lồ buy Garena Shells. In fact, the whole process can be done from your phone, no matter where you are.

It’s secure. We make sure that your information is secure & have advanced security systems in place lớn keep your purchases safe.

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Whether you are getting it for yourself, or getting some for your fellow gamers, Garena Shells will enhance your gaming experience. Garena Shells (MY) is available from RM7 (100 Garemãng cầu Shells) to lớn RM140 (2000 Garemãng cầu Shells) on

How lớn reload Garemãng cầu account with Garena Shells?

Login to lớn your Garemãng cầu Account.Clichồng Shell Top Up & select Garemãng cầu Prepaid Card.Enter your Garemãng cầu Shell Prepaid Card Password và click Confirm lớn complete top up.

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