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Hi there. You probably get endless questions lượt thích mine. I just want to know: which tower defense maps can you recommend for single player? I have notoàn thân to lớn play Warcraft with, so I want single player maps. Also looking for maps similar to lớn "Fulgore's Epic Castle Defense". I just want basic maps - not all kinds of customized maps where towers shoot popcorn or where Arthas rides some pink pony while eating ice-cream.

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2nd, if I had to pichồng a solid TD with enough variability khổng lồ not get blvà it would be these.

Additionally, I used to lớn be a fan of Legion TD (Squadron TD for sc2 players) and Winter Maul Wars back in the day.

My most favorite TD map is "Charging Undead". Will give Elemental TD và Gem TD a try. I'm very used to lớn old-school Warcraft where you build an army, harass the enemy & defend your base. I don't lượt thích the other stuff where you have khổng lồ race against sheep và Uther has some buổi tiệc nhỏ. Guess I'm an old fart. lol. Thanks for your phản hồi.

Sounds like you don't want silly maps. I agree I think they're dumb. I know you said you want single player, but I'd recommend trying out some custom games. Specifically Legion TD for a competitive TD, Green TD for cooperative sầu, YouTD for solo (but it has to be played online lớn save your progress) and maybe one of the many Wintermaul maps (sometimes just called "Maul" maps) if you want khổng lồ practice mazing. Line Tower Wars is a competitive mazing map so kiểm tra that out if you lượt thích Wintermaul.

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None of these can be played by yourself however.

YouTD is excellent, lots of variety in towers and very chất lượng. Play on Random mode for best experience.

Power nguồn Towers isn't a silly maps but it does have some gimmiông xã lớn it in that you need to lớn literally power your towers. Once you get how that works then it plays fine & is good for single player purposes.

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Hi there! Good question và the 2 I would reccomkết thúc most for offline play are Blue TD ajd Legion TD.

There is a pretty active community and we stream for it on twitch every day so feel miễn phí to stop by!


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