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Left 4 Dead 2 just received its first major update in over eight years và this community-created, developer-approved experience has a whole lot more to lớn offer than one might think. New achievements, new areas—there is a lot to dive sầu right inkhổng lồ.See?20đôi mươi isn"t all bad if you cthất bại one eye & squint the other.

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Valve shared the good word over on its official Twitter trương mục with the reveal that Left 4 Dead 2 is free for this weekend only, & then a whopping 80% to own. Check out the launch trailer below:

Left 4 Dead 2 fans can enjoy four new Scavenge Arenas, 26 new survival maps, Counter-Strike: Source weapons, brand new animations, previously cut dialogue, massive sầu PvPhường enhancements, new Mutations with Tank Run và Rocketdude, UI improvements, and pretty lengthy danh sách of bug fixes. The lakiểm tra update also adds 30 new achievements as well for those that lượt thích to see rewards for their progress.

The Fuel Crisis adds four new Scavenge Arenas và tasks players with surviving against an unforgiving horde while hunting for fuel. Gas prices ain"t cheap, after all.

The fan-created update also adds the shovel & pitchfork, because you don"t have to lớn worry about running out of ammo if you go full melee. It"s science, we don"t make the rules.

The new update is now available on Steam, for free. Happy hunting và do try not lớn die.

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