Mã game age of empires 2

I regọi there one being "beefsteakjimmies" but that"s the only one I can rethành viên. What are all of the codes and what do they give sầu you in the game?

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I think you mean CHEESE STEAK JIMMY"S.

Here are a danh mục of all the cheats taken from GameFAQs:

CHEESE STEAK JIMMY"S: +1000 Food ROBIN HOOD: +1000 Gold ROCK ON: +1000 Stone LUMBERJACK: +1000 Wood NATURAL WONDERS: Control nature (chiến bại control of men) RESIGN: Defeat yourself BLACK DEATH: Destroy all the enemies WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY: Destroy yourself FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY: Get a Furious Monkey Boy HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON: Gives a "cobra" oto TO SMITHEREENS: Gives a saboteur I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD: Gives a VDML AEGIS: Immediate Building TORPEDOx: Kills opponent x POLO: Remove Shadow MARCO: Reveal Map WOOF WOOF: Turns birds into super dogs I R WINNER: Victory

MarcoGeertsma - that would have sầu been for the first Age of Empires –user101016 Mar 8 "15 at 20:39

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