Lỗi system error 1000 blade and soul

A lot of Blade and Soul players are reporting that they’re regularly getting the ‘Disconnected from VPS (1000) errror’ immediately after the game crashes unexpectedly. This game-breaking error is reported to occur on every recent Windows version & it doesn’t seem lớn be caused by a specific in-game action.

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Error 1000 in Blade và Soul

After investigating this issue thoroughly, it turns out that there are several different scenarios that might trigger this error. Here’s a shortdanh sách of potential culprits:

Bad latency speed – As it turns out, one of the most comtháng causes that might be responsible for this error code is an unreliable Internet connection that makes the measured latency so bad that the connection with the game hệ thống cannot be measured. In this case, your only hope at fixing the problem without having to lớn upgrade your ISP. plan (or switch over lớn a different provider) is to lớn use a ping booster to alleviate the problem.The connection is blocked by Windows Defender Firewall – If you’re using a modified executable of Blade và Soul, it’s quite common for the built-in security suite (Windows Defender Firewall) lớn blochồng the connection with the game server due lớn a false positive. In this case, you can resolve sầu the conflict by whitelisting both the game executable & the ports used during the connection with the game hệ thống.UPnP is Disabled – According to some affected users, this issue can also appear if Universal Plug và Play is disabled in your router settings. It makes sure if you think about it since the ports used by the game need to lớn be forwarded automatically in order for the connection khổng lồ run uninterrupted. To correct this behavior, you need to access your router settings menu and enable UPnPhường. from the Advanced settings menu.TCP. / IPhường inconsistency – It’s been confirmed that this game error can also be triggered by inconsistent temporary TCPhường và IP data that the network connection is currently relying on. In this case, a Winsoông chồng reset done from an elevated Comm& Prompt should take care of the problem swiftly.Third buổi tiệc ngọt AV conflict – As it turns out, you can also expect khổng lồ see this error if you’re actively using Avira, Comovày Antivi khuẩn, and a couple of other 3rd buổi tiệc nhỏ security suites that have sầu the habit of terminating the connection to lớn the game hệ thống due khổng lồ a false positive sầu. In this case, you can fix the problem by whitelisting, disabling, or uninstalling the problematic antivi khuẩn suite.Inconistent DNS Range – If you’re using an ISP that is actively using Level 3 Nodes, chances the connection lớn the game server is terminated with this error due to the fact that your ISPhường. has automatically assigned an inconsistent DNS. In this case, you can change it manually with the DNS range supplied by Google.

Now that you know every potential scenario that might cause this error, here’s a collection of methods that are known to fix this particular problem:

Method 1: Using a Ping Booster

In most cases, this particular error is indirectly caused by an unreliable Internet connection that makes the game client thua thảm connection with the game hệ thống. This occurs for several different reasons (from TCP. / IPhường inconsistencies to Level 3 ISPhường nodes that make lagging an underlying issue).

If this scenario is applicable lớn your particular connection, you should be able to lớn fix the problem by using a ping booster utility like WTF Fast that improves your latency by routing your connection through a high-tốc độ hệ thống while keeping in mind the ISPhường range.

WTF Fast is superior to other ping boosters because it leverages machine learning to lớn detect và use the most optimized path for your game connection.

If you want to use WTF Fast ping booster lớn prsự kiện the error 1000 from appearing inside Blade and Soul again, follow the instructions below:

Next, follow the on-screen instructions to lớn sign in for the free trial. After this, follow the instructions below to complete the registration and create a new WTF Fast tài khoản, then download the desktop application và sign in with the newly created account.
Signing into the newly created WTF Fast accountStart the WTF Fast service và use the không lấy phí trial khổng lồ see if this ping booster alleviates the connection-related crashes with Blade & Soul. Only once you’ve tested it properly và confirmed that the error 1000 stopped occurring altogether should you consider going for a paid subscription.

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If using a ping booster utility didn’t fix the problem in your case, move down to the next potential fix below.

Method 2: Whitelisting the trò chơi inside Windows Defender Firewall

As it turns out if you’re running a modified executable of Blade and Soul, chances are the reason why you’re getting these random disconnects (error 1000) is due to lớn a false positive that determines your antivirut or firewall lớn bloông xã the connection with the game hệ thống.

This issue is confirmed to occur with both 3rd tiệc ngọt security suites & with the built-in protection due (Windows Defender and Windows Firewall). If you find yourself in this particular scenario, you should be able to fix the problem by whitelisting the game executable và ensuring that the TCP ports used by the game are opened.

If you’re using a 3rd các buổi party firewall or antivirut, there is no definitive sầu guide for doing this because the steps will be different from software khổng lồ software.

But if you’re using Windows Defender + Windows firewall, you can follow the instructions below for step-by-step instructions on whitelisting the Blade và Soul executable along with opening the required ports:

Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next, type ‘control firewall.cpl‘ inside the text box và press Enter lớn open up the Windows Firewall window.
Accessing the classic firewall interface on WindowsOnce you’re inside the Windows Defender Firewall screen, use the thực đơn on the left-hand side khổng lồ cliông chồng on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
Allowing apps through Windows Defender FirewallFrom the Allowed apps thực đơn, go ahead and clichồng on Change settings button, then clichồng Yes at the UAC (User Account Control) prompt.
Now that the list has become editable, cliông chồng on Allow another app (directly under the list), then cliông xã on Browser and navigate to lớn the location where you installed the Blade and Soul game.
Allowing an appGo ahead & add the main executable of Blade & Soul to lớn the các mục of allowed items in Windows Firewall. Once you have added the entry, find it inside the Allowed apps & Features list khổng lồ ensure that both the Private & Public boxes are checked.Once these modifications where enforced, save sầu the changes, then return khổng lồ the initial firewall thực đơn (step 1). After you return successfully, click on Advanced Settings from the thực đơn on the left.
Accessing the Advanced Settings menuInside Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security, use the thực đơn on the left lớn click on Inbound Rules, then click on New Rule.
Creating a new firewall ruleAt the first New Inbound Rule screen, cliông xã on Port when asked to lớn select the Rule Type, then cliông chồng on Next. Finally, choose TCP / UDP from the danh mục of options available – this will allow you to enable specific ports.Next, ensure that the following TCPhường ports are whitelisted:
Once you get lớn the Profile step, go ahead và enable the boxes associated with Domain, Private and Public before clicking on Next to save sầu the latest changes.
Enforcing the ruleFinally, restart your computer và see if the 1000 error with Soul và Blade is fixed once the next startup is complete.

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Method 3: Enabling UPnP

If the methods above sầu didn’t fix the issue or weren’t applicable, you should start focusing your attention on your router. It’s possible that you’re seeing the error 1000 occurring with Soul và Blade because the main ports used by the game are not being forwarded by your router.

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