Hướng dẫn craft đồ trong grim dawn

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The crafting system in Grlặng Dawn is a convenient way lớn fill in the gaps in your equipment. Once you unlochồng the Blacksmith, accessible via a short quest in Act 1, you can get started in the creation of powerful equipment.

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The types of items that are available to craft include:

Weapons, accessories and armorComponentsConsumablesRelics

The Blacksmith


The Blacksmith is the heart of the crafting system. All equipment you have a Blacksmith create is imbued with their particular talent, whether that is an affinity for making martial weapons and armor or for the rare art of arcane crafting. This bonus makes crafting an appealing way lớn acquire gear, as the items will come with some additional perks.

Practiced SkillAngrim uses his many years of experience khổng lồ forgedeadly weapons & fortify armor.Crafted Weapons, Armor, and Accessories are imbued with one of the following properties:3-7% Pierce ResistanceIncreases Armor by 3-7%+3-7% Physical Damage

Angryên ổn is a master blacksmith and an expert in creating martial weapons & armor. He revels in the creation of the sharpest swords and the toughest plate. Adventurers who prefer to go inlớn battle armed lớn the teeth will find Angrlặng khổng lồ be an invaluable resource. here are two Blacksmiths you can recruit khổng lồ join you in Devil’s Crossing:

Arcane ForgingDuncan uses experimental techniques to lớn imbueweapons và armor with arcane properties.Crafted Weapons, Armor, and Accessories are imbued with one of the following properties:Increases Energy Regeneration by 5-11%3-5% Elemental Resistance+3-7% Elemental Damage

Duncan is Angrim’s apprentice, but vày not let the title fool you. He is a prodigy in the field & an expert in the rare technique known as arcane forging. Duncan’s creations are imbued with magical elements that are a wonder lớn behold in battle.


Blueprints are forgotten templates for the creation of powerful items, which a Blacksmith can study. Blueprints in Gryên ổn Dawn will come in the form of loot, và sometimes quest rewards.

These recipes are not used up in crafting. Instead, by right-clicking a Blueprint that drops for you, you will permanently learn it và add it khổng lồ your collection within the Crafting UI. You vày not have sầu to lớn worry about transferring recipes to your other characters as any recipe you learn is automatically unlocked across all characters you create, with the notable exception of separate lists stored for Normal & Hardcore characters.

Each Blacksmith is already an experienced craftsman who can create many wondrous creations for you, including a few blueprints available only to a specific Blacksmith. Even if you vì chưng not find any Blueprints out in the world, you will still be able khổng lồ craft items from an impressive sầu repertoire.

lưu ý that you cannot begin crafting until you have gained access to a Blacksmith, but any blueprints you learn prior to lớn that moment will still be available khổng lồ you.


Crafting powerful items requires equally powerful materials. Thankfully, the world of Cairn is teeming with resources ripe for the taking by enterprising adventurers. Everything from the Aether Crystals dropped by Aetherial abominations to the iron-lượt thích fur of a Stonetusk boar can be used in the creation of items.


Sometimes though you may find that the materials you require are very rare & require some effort to hunt down. These resources can only be acquired from the strongest monsters in the game, such as heroes và bosses.

How lớn Craft an Item

To begin crafting, select a blueprint from within the Crafting UI. If you have the required materials in your inventory, Personal or Transfer Stash, press the Combine button to create your công trình.

Once the tác phẩm is created, the materials are consumed and the required iron bits are subtracted from your total. The newly created tác phẩm is placed inYou can then grab the newly created cống phẩm from the Crafting UI và place it in your inventory, or shift-clichồng it to transfer it to an available space.

Enchanted Crafted Items


Enchanted items are the equivalent of Grlặng Dawn’s gambling system. They are easy khổng lồ craft and cheaper than buying items from the vendors, but you never know what you will get. However, what you can count on is a high chance of generating Rare items.

Though the color of the blueprint might imply that only Magical quality items come out of these blueprints, that is not the case. Enchanted recipes can create anything from a single affix Magical vật phẩm khổng lồ a double Rare affix sản phẩm of incredible power. The odds of striking such a jackpot are significantly higher than when hunting the vendor’s wares, but how many iron bits and scrap you spover khổng lồ acquire one will depover entirely on how fortunate you are! So good luông chồng out there!

Rare Crafted Items

Rare-chất lượng blueprints take some of the chance out of the equation by coming with some appealing base attributes. For this, they are more expensive sầu khổng lồ craft than their Enchanted counterparts, but you can always count on them having a few useful stats regardless of what affix they roll. However, lớn compensate for their base stats, a Rare-quality blueprint will never generate two affixes. This means that rolling a single Rare affix on one of these blueprints is the highest unique cửa nhà they will generate.


Relics are implements of incredible power & only a few people in the world even know of the process required for their creation. Much of this craft had been lost to lớn the Gryên Dawn, scattered in the form of blueprints. It is up to lớn you khổng lồ tread into the vestiges of humanity’s once mighty empire to lớn recover fragments of this lost knowledge.

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With the exception of one Relic which is acquired via a quest in Act II, all Relics are crafted by the Blacksmith. To learn more about Relics, visit the Relics page.

Not everything created by the Blacksmith is equipped. Through a mix of techniques that sometimes go beyond the use of the forge, Blacksmiths are able to create elixirs & tonics that revitalize và strengthen your resolve sầu. These consumables can provide the boost you need lớn get through a particularly tough encounter.