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Phishing refers khổng lồ fraudulent attempts khổng lồ get personal information from you. Scammersuse any means they can—spoofedemails và texts, misleadingpop-up ads, kém chất lượng downloads, calendarspam, even phonyphone calls—lớn triông chồng you inkhổng lồ sharing information, such as your dinhlathang.net ID password or credit card numbers.

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If you receive a suspicious tin nhắn that looks like it"s supposed to be from dinhlathang.net, please forward it toreportphishing

On your Mac, include more details by selecting the tin nhắn and choosing "Forward as Attachment" from the Message thực đơn.

While browsing the website, if you see a message that your iPhone, Mac, or other dinhlathang.net device has a virus, or someone claiming to be from dinhlathang.net calls & asks for your trương mục name và password, you’re likely the target of a scam. Here are some things you can do to lớn avoid them.

In general, never mô tả personal information lượt thích credit thẻ numbers, unless you can verify the recipient is who they claim to lớn be.Don"t follow liên kết or open or save attachments in suspicious or unsolicited messages.If you have any doubts about a request or communication, or even if you if you just need lớn update your information with a company, contact that company directly.

If you believe that your dinhlathang.net ID has been compromised, or if you might have entered your password or other personal info on a scam website,change your dinhlathang.net ID passwordimmediately.
Scammers try to lớn copy email & text messages from legitimate companies khổng lồ trichồng you into lớn giving them your personal information và passwords. These signs can help you identify scams:

The sender’s gmail or phone doesn’t match the name of the company that it claims to be from.The gmail or phone they used lớn liên hệ you is different from the one that you gave that company.A links in a message looks right, but the URL doesn’t match the company’s trang web.*The message looks significantly different from other messages that you’ve sầu received from the company.The message requests personal information, like a credit thẻ number or trương mục password.The message is unsolicited & contains an attachment.

Please report suspicious emails và messages:

While browsing the website, if you see apop-up or alert that offers you a không tính phí prize or warns you about a problem with your device, don"t believe sầu it. These types of pop-ups are usually fraudulent advertisements, designed khổng lồ triông xã you into lớn giving the scammer personal information or money.

Don"t gọi the number or follow the link khổng lồ clalặng the prize or fix the problem. Ignore the message và simply navigate away from the page orcthua trận the entire window or tab.

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Use extreme caution if you tải về nội dung from the internet. Some downloads found on the mạng internet may not contain the software they claim to, or may contain software that you didn"t expect or want. This includes apps that ask to lớn install configuration profiles that can then control your device. If installed, unknown or unwanted software may become intrusive & annoying and could even damage your Mac & steal your data.

To avoid unwanted, nhái, or malicious software, install software from the App Store or get it directly from the developer"s website. Learn how tosafely open software on your Macorremove unwanted configuration profiles from your iPhone, ipad, or iPod touch.

Scammers may spoof legitimate company phone numbers and use flattery và threats to lớn pressure you into giving them information, money, & eveniTunes gift cards. If you get an unsolicited or suspicious phone gọi from someone claiming to be from dinhlathang.net, just hang up.

You can report fraudulent tech dinhlathang.net calls to lớn the Federal Trade Commission (U.S. only) atreportfraud.ftc.govor to your local law enforcement agency.

If you get an unwanted or suspicious calendar invitation in Mail or Calendar, you canreport it as Junkin iCloud.

To delete an invitation that you already accepted,tap the sự kiện, then tap Decline or Delete Event. If you unintentionally subscribed lớn a calendar you didn"t want, open the Calendar phầm mềm, tap Calendars and look for an unknown or suspicious calendar. Tap the calendar, then scroll down và tap Delete Calendar.

*To confirm the destination of a link on your Mac, hover your pointer over the liên kết to lớn see the URL. If you can"t see the URL in the status bar in Safari, choose View > Show Status Bar. On your iOS device, touch and hold the links.

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