Will there ever be game of thrones season 9 release date?

George RR Martin Begged HBO boss khủng To vì chưng Game of Thrones Season 9 & 10 A new book reveals that trò chơi of Thrones author George R.R. Martin "begged" the former HBO quái nhân for at least 10 seasons of the hugely popular TV show.

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George R.R. Martin wanted Game of Thrones to be 10 seasons long and begged HBO’s former CEO for a longer run. The immensely popular drama-fantasy series ended in 2019 after eight seasons and a total of 73 episodes, the story of which centred on bloody wars, shocking betrayals and the unlikely alliances of nine noble families in the fictional continent of Westeros. Game of Thrones gained a huge following, with many of its stars, like Emilia Clarke, Richard Madden & Kit Harington, going on to lớn become household names.

Game of Thrones is based on Martin"s A tuy nhiên of Ice & Fire novels, the first instalment of which, A trò chơi of Thrones, was first published in 1996. Since then, a further four books have been released, with plans by Martin to lớn write a total of seven altogether. During Game of Thrones" TV run, the author served as a co-executive producer và wrote one episode for each of seasons 1 to lớn 4. He also provided series showrunners David Benioff và D.B. Weiss with the plot outlines for the still-unreleased sequels, as the TV show started to outpace the source material already provided by Martin by Game of Thrones season 5. Recently, it was revealed that the author was "worried" about where the show"s story was heading after season 5, and wasn"t convinced that Benioff và Weiss were sticking to Martin"s "template" as they created their own narrative outside of his novels.

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Now, more has been revealed about what happened behind the scenes of Game of Thrones in a new book titled "Tinderbox: HBO"s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers" by bestselling journalist, James Andrew Miller (via Insider). In it, Miller provides an oral history of the broadcaster using over 700 interviews, from everyone to Martin himself lớn HBO"s former CEO, Richard Plepler. Paul Haas, Martin"s agent, explained how the fantasy author would meet directly with Plepler và "beg him" to lớn make Game of Thrones a 10-season series with 10 episodes each, believing there was even enough material to go up to lớn 13 seasons. Read Haas" full quote below:

"George would fly to thủ đô new york to have lunch with Plepler, to lớn beg him to bởi ten seasons of ten episodes because there was enough material for it & to tell him it would be a more satisfying và more entertaining experience."

Cersei on trò chơi of Thrones
After all, Game of Thrones" success didn"t come without criticisms. Season 7 consisted of seven episodes, while the final season 8 had just six episodes, contrary lớn the 10 that had been a staple of Game of Thrones seasons 1-6. This caused some fans to accuse the showrunners of rushing the finale and, by extension, poorly concluding the arcs of many of the show"s most important characters. The most controversial of these was Daenerys Targaryen"s (Clarke) storyline, which ended with a divisive descent into tyranny. Many viewers were unhappy when the Mother of Dragons decided lớn mercilessly kill innocents without reason during the penultimate episode of season 8. Some saw this shift from anh hùng to villain as too sudden to lớn be palatable và believable, while others were quick to lớn defend the writers by pointing out that House Targaryen, one of Westeros" nine noble houses, were burdened with a family history of madness and bloodlust.

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It could well be that more episodes per season, and more seasons per series, would have given the showrunners more room to lớn prolong and justify Daenerys" troubled ending, lessening the apparent handbrake turn in character psychology that she took at the end of Game of Thrones season 8. However, with a storyline that would inevitably outpace Martin"s original source material, it"s no surprise that some fans were left disappointed. The show had achieved critical success until its final season, but it"s not uncommon for finales to fall flat. What Game of Thrones fans can rejoice in, however, is knowing that Martin still has two books left in his series lớn release, và can look forward to reading an ending that may satisfy where the TV show couldn"t.