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game Of Thrones: 10 Things About Season 8 That Haven’t Aged Well game of Thrones had a controversial final season that left fans cold. From bad character endings to lớn cringey moments, here"s how Season 8 aged poorly.

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The eighth season of HBO"s Game Of Thrones aired almost a year ago, & the final season is still drawing controversy for its unexpected endgame. The series was no stranger to contention; many critics condemned the show for its depiction of nudity và violence. However, Season 8 remains its most problematic installment yet & many elements have already aged poorly.

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The final season of the epic series featured the downfall of the Night King, a shocking U-turn for a fan-favorite character, & the emergence of two unexpected monarchs. Despite its popularity, the hit fantasy series hit several roadblocks in its trang chủ stretch that haven"t aged well.

Night King & Arya Stark in trò chơi of Thrones
The Night King was gradually developed as the ultimate villain of Game Of Thrones. The menacing ice zombie had several tense stare-downs with Jon Snow that seemed to lớn foreshadow a final confrontation. Yet in Season 8, it is Arya who kills the Night King và saves the day.

Many fans felt that Arya was shoehorned into Jon"s story, which took a backseat in the final season. The Night King"s foreboding presence in the earlier seasons is dampened by his anti-climatic endgame.

Fans debated for years which character would ultimately win the trò chơi of thrones, và many were disappointed when Bran Stark emerged victorious as King of Westeros. Bran"s character was omitted from Season 5 and appeared to be destined for a confrontation with the Night King rather than actual kingship.

Bran"s robotic persona as the Three-Eyed Raven lacked charisma and made him hard to lớn root for. The council"s decision khổng lồ name him King is a lackluster conclusion khổng lồ the show"s riveting political intrigue.

Daenerys Targaryen"s descent into madness was a controversial moment that garnered many accusations of sexism from critics. Despite helping the North defeat the Army of the Dead in the first half of Season 8, Dany"s character switches into a delusional tyrant when she destroys King"s Landing with dragonfire.

The Mother of Dragons was regarded as a feminist figure before her abrupt fall from grace. This problematic endgame for her character is unlikely khổng lồ age well in the future.

7 The Xenophobic North

Daenerys and the Targaryen army traveled khổng lồ Winterfell in Season 8 lớn defend the North from the Night King. Although they sacrifice everything to lớn protect their home, the Unsullied and Dothraki are met with xenophobic distrust from the Northerners.

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Arya encompasses the attitude of the Northmen when she tells Jon that Daenerys isn"t one of them, despite the Targaryen queen"s assistance in the Long Night. This xenophobia is a troubling trait in a series heroine.

Missandei"s death is one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones. Daenerys" best friend and trusted advisor is captured by Euron và executed by The Mountain on Cersei Lannister"s orders.

The death of Missandei is ultimately used as another motive for Daenerys" descent into madness. Many fans và critics have accused the series of "fridging" Missandei, providing another problematic element to lớn the show"s final season.

5 Dothraki Slaughter

Game Of Thrones has been accused of racist character portrayals throughout its history, with particular criticism aimed at Daenerys Targaryen"s storyline in Essos. Another contentious decision from Season 8 that has aged poorly is the slaughter of the Dothraki during "The Long Night."

The Dothraki are stationed at the front of the army surrounding Winterfell và before Melisandre"s arrival, unequipped khổng lồ face the trắng Walkers. The North shows little remorse about placing the foreign army ahead of them khổng lồ defend Winterfell from the Night King.

Many fans expected to see Cersei Lannister"s reign of terror reach a fever pitch in Season 8. Audiences theorized that Jaime would be forced khổng lồ kill Cersei to save King"s Landing, mirroring his murder of the Mad King.

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In the end, this storyline was unexpectedly given lớn Jon Snow và Daenerys Targaryen. Jaime và Cersei met an anticlimactic end during the collapse of the Red Keep, & Jon killed Daenerys following her sudden descent into madness.

3 Jon Snow"s Watered-Down Role

A consequence of Arya killing the Night King & Daenerys becoming the final villain was the lack of a cohesive story arc for Jon Snow. The secret Targaryen prince was a fan-favorite character, và many fans believed he would defeat the Night King in an epic battle before becoming King of Westeros.

Jon"s role in Season 8 is reduced to a side character in Dany"s story. The son of Rhaegar Targaryen & Lyanna Stark is banished to the Wall và is last seen leaving Westeros with the wildlings, his true heritage brushed aside.

The nonsensical rivalry between Daenerys Targaryen & Sansa Stark bore little resemblance to lớn the witty yet chilling tension between Cersei Lannister and Margaery Tyrell. The Targaryen queen is met with hostility from the Lady of Winterfell, who proves instrumental in Daenerys" downfall.

Sansa và Dany"s rivalry is a catty conflict that portrays them as petty children instead of powerful monarchs. Sansa rejects Daenerys despite her aid in the Great War and sows dissent in her council by revealing Jon"s secret lớn Tyrion.

1 Laughing At Democracy

Another moment from the series finale that divided fans featured the assembly of the Great Council of Westeros. The lords và ladies of the Seven Kingdoms, including Sansa Stark và the Prince of Dorne, gather lớn decide Jon Snow"s fate and elect a new King or Queen khổng lồ rule the country.

Samwell Tarly suggests that they allow the common people to decide who rules them, though he is laughed at by the other lords. The survivors of the series mock this democratic endgame that many fans predicted.

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