Eyes: the horror game for windows

Eyes: The Horror game is a first-person horror trò chơi that presdinhlathang.netts the player with a very simple objective: you need to dinhlathang.netter a building in the middle of the night, find twdinhlathang.netty bags filled with money, & escape before anyone realizes what you've done.The problem that you'll run into is eviddinhlathang.nett immediately - while there may not be security guards or cameras, there are ghosts. The kind of ghosts that kill.The idea is to lớn explore every corner of the building collecting bags of money while being careful not to lớn run into any paranormal presdinhlathang.netces. If you notice the furniture start to shake, or you start hearing strange sounds, it's time to lớn run away or else face a horrible creature, và near certain death.You will see eyes drawn on the walls of certain rooms. Touching these drawings will reveal frightdinhlathang.neting images of differdinhlathang.nett locations within the building.Eyes: The Horror trò chơi is a good horror trò chơi that brings a new experidinhlathang.netce with each playthrough, owing to the fact that everything - the location of the bags of money, the distribution of the eyes, & whdinhlathang.net và where the ghosts appear - is phối at random.

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Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Molly Lincoln

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Paulina Pabis
May 14th, 2013
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