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The Holiday Inn- Airport West

What drives many families to lớn this khách sạn is the fact that kids both eat và stay for miễn phí here, a luxury many others vì not offer in the Winnipeg area. Plus, it’s just a short 5 minutes from the a... More

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Cricket fans cheer up, INOX lớn screen all ‘India’ matches live in 12 cities

If you are also an ardent fan of cricket, then this will probably be the best news for you today! Yes, the famous theater chain INOX will be showing all the India matches live in 12 cities across... More


Pasadena Rose Parade

The Rose Parade is ‘America"s New Year Celebration’ held in Pasadena, California. It is a festival of flower-covered floats, marching bands, equestrians & the Rose Bowl trò chơi (annual college foo... More


Talkatora Indoor Stadium

This circular indoor stadium can house over 3000 people. It was refurbished & unveiled on 25th February 2010 for the 2010 Commonwealth Games with the boxing events scheduled lớn be held here. Th... More


Ride/Play the Midway

The Midway at the Calgary Stampede isn’t just for kids, although there is plenty for kids to vị as well. Made up of rides & games, this is the perfect place khổng lồ spend an afternoon at the Calgary... More


Entertainment & activities in Boston

For those who like an action-packed itinerary, there are enough things to bởi vì in Boston lớn keep you constantly on your toes. From watching a baseball trò chơi at Fenway Park (try catching a game playe... More

Red Rock Casino, Resort và Spa

Contrary khổng lồ popular belief, one of the best casinos in Las Vegas is actually located 11 miles from the strip and inside the Red Rock Resort and Spa. For those looking to gamble but want khổng lồ avoid ... More

Throw of the dice in Manila

Even die-hard poker fiends will find it hard to lớn keep a straight face when confronted with the cavernous interiors of the gigantic ‘gaming area’ (read casino) of the Resort World Manila. Unless yo... More

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

It is bright, colourful và awfully inviting, making it one of the favourite casinos khổng lồ visit in Las Vegas. Located inside the luxury resort, this casino draws in crowd from all over the city. It... More

Escape from prison

‘Mr. X Mystery House’ is a real-life escape game that gives you one hour to solve a series of puzzles và escape from a locked room before rich Chinese businessmen kill you for sport. Okay, well ... More



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