Cách hack game adorable home

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Adorable Home

Unlimited Money
Android 4.4Can play offline

Downloading Adorable home MOD apk (Unlimited Money) is a way many players choose when they want a game to help them relax every day. If you love cats, this is really a game you don’t want lớn miss.

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Introduce about Adorable HomeMOD apk version of Adorable Home

Introduce about Adorable Home

If you ask me about the đứng top trending 2020 game, this trò chơi is the perfect answer. Today, you can see images of Adorable trang chủ flooded on social networks. An extremely dễ thương game of the publisher HyperBeard is being chosen by a lot of players to become an entertaining trò chơi in his spare time thanks to the simple but very interesting gameplay. In particular, the game gives you very sweet but challenging love stories, requiring you lớn try every day to keep your happiness.

You can rest assured of HyperBeard games. They always use cute pets as inspiration lớn create cute, simple and interesting games. Some of their games lượt thích KleptoCats 2 or Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys! are attracting a large number of interested players. Join me in discovering why their latest game, Adorable Home, is becoming such a phenomenon in the smartphone gaming market.

Write your love story

At the beginning of the game, you can choose a character to lớn represent you, và a character lớn be your mate. In particular, you can choose any character, including a homosexual love story between two male characters or two female characters. The choice is yours.


Do not be too focused on the house but ignore the other areas. You can unlock the garden instantly for 3000 Love. After that, you can buy some garden decorations such as trees, swings…

Take care of the pet

Taking care of pets is your main activity when playing Adorable Home. In this game, the cats look very cute và docile, but when you take care, you will find them always annoying. There are three types of care you need to lớn care about:

Cut nails: Swipe the screen to lớn cut the cat’s nails. Their paws will always move, making it difficult for you. If you hurt your cat, he will be very angry.Bathing: Most cats bởi vì not like to bathe. They are always annoyed & angry whenever they are forced lớn take a bath. In the game, you need to lớn tilt the screen to adjust the temperature of the shower và bathe the cat. In my opinion, bathing cats is the most difficult task of Adorable Home.Stroking: Quite simple task. Stroking in the position that your cats want. You need lớn remember each cat’s lying posture khổng lồ choose the right place to stroke.

In addition, you can buy lots of cats in your apartment or even buy some other pets like dogs & birds. Each pet gives you some passive Love. In my opinion, you should buy lots of pets khổng lồ have lots of Love soon. Don’t forget lớn take selfies with your dễ thương pets!

Take care of your love

In addition to taking care of your pet, you need lớn devote all of the attention to your partner. Prepare a bento for her. You use Love khổng lồ buy meals for your lover. If they lượt thích your food you will get some Love.


Besides, the advertiser HyperBeard knows how khổng lồ choose music for their game. When you are playing, you enjoy melodious & sweet music. It makes your love story more romantic & inspires you khổng lồ create more interesting stories.

MOD game android version of Adorable Home

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Love is the only currency in the game. Any activity you can provide you with some Love. And you also use Love to pay for everything in the game. The hack version of dinhlathang.net gives you unlimited Love. Therefore, you can freely cửa hàng and pay for everything in the game.

Note when using the thủ thuật version

Your money will increase when used instead of decreasing.

If you have not received your money yet, leave a phản hồi below the article. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Download Adorable trang chủ APK & MOD for Android

There are many reasons for Adorable trang chủ to have such a strong attraction. The game also gives players many meaningful messages about love and life. Don’t look down on the small things you vày every day with your lover. In the game, you will have more Love, và in real life, it will help your love more romantic & happy.