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I have two bows for my companion, one having higher damage (100, but in poison, so it takes effect slowly) and 5% life steal (with other stuff) and another with lower damage và 7% life steal (with other stuff) AND +attack rating based on the character, which currently is more than +1000.

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Now I don"t really know how attaông chồng rating works and if there is a cap or the +1000 is going to lớn waste or not, but somehow that number is so big, it makes me want to lớn keep the lower-damage-higher-rating bow for my companion.

Can sometoàn thân explain lớn me how attachồng rating is valued against damage? Am I doing a good thing by choosing the higher rating one?

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attaông chồng rating is MORE important than damage IMO –user38944 Dec 27 "12 at 11:43
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According lớn, the inherent attachồng rating (AR) of Act 1 mercenary is quite low: 796 on màn chơi 80.

Combined with the fact that the monsters in Hell difficulty have sầu defense rating (DR) on the order of 1500 và the chance khổng lồ hit formula (assuming equal levels of attacker và defender): toHit = AR / (AR + DR) , this makes her base chance to hit very low: 796 / (1500 + 796) = 0.35.

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If we add 1000 to her AR, we"ll get the chance lớn hit of 1796 / (1500 + 1796) = 0.54, which is 1.57 times higher!

So, if there were no other factors, I"d keep the AR bow even if it had 1.5 times less damage.

Note that other factors affecting the AR and Defense include Inner sight and Fire arrow.

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Another thing khổng lồ keep in mind is that the poison damage does not staông xã. If you have a weapon dealing 100 poison damage over 3 seconds và you hit once per second, the damage poison đơn hàng between hits will be mere 33.3, và then, when another hit lands, the old poison will be replaced with a new one, not added to it. On the other h&, poison stops the natural quái nhân regeneration, which may be a big khuyến mãi for really tough monsters.

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